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SEMINAR #1:      
Living Well America     45 Minutes
Part #1:      

An Environmental Update provided by the American Medical Television. (Video) 18 minutes 34 seconds.  The video talks about radon and its effects and ways to combat  it when building a new home and ways to reduce it in existing  homes. The video talks about Indoor Air Pollution in the  home, its causes and ways to eliminate some of the major  problems that cause it. 

Part #2:      
  • Testing for Radon: Some of the different techniques for Radon testing Plus, How to prepare your home for a Radon Test. (closed house conditions)
  • Some of the different techniques for Testing for Mold, Mildew and Allergens.
SEMINAR #2:      
Breathing Easy        45 Minutes
Part #1:      
Video explaining “What Home Buyers and Sellers Should Know  About Radon” 13 minutes 10 seconds.
  • What is Radon

  • How to test for Radon

  • How to fix a Radon Problem

Part #2:      
  • Testing for Radon: Using the E-Perm testing method vs other methods and how laboratory results are processed.
  • Testing for Mold, Mildew and Allergens. Air, swab and tape techniques.
SEMINAR #3:      
Radon News Clips      30 Minutes
Part #1:      
Video featuring News Clips about Radon from Good Morning    America, CNN, NOW (New York Edition), NBC Sunday Today Show, New Construction, and Various News Print Articles.   9 minutes.
Part #2:      
  • Various types of testing methods for Radon
  • Various types of testing methods for Mold, Mildew & Allergens.
SEMINAR #4:      
Toxic Mold Solutions     60 Minutes
Part #1:      
Video cutting through all the media hype that gives clear concise information about toxic mold.  The video Features interviews with industry experts, professional consultants with historical re-enactments, plus, Explains Mold spores and the air we breathe, what causes mold and how to treat a mold problem. 44 minutes
Part #2:      
  • Various types of testing methods for Mold, Mildew &  Allergens.

SEMINAR #5:      
Indoor Air Quality in Residential Homes    30 Minutes
Part #1:      
Where to look for Mold & Mildew and other indoor air problems?
Part #2:      
How to test the air in the home?
SEMINAR #6:     60 Minutes
Uncovering the mystery in your backyard:  
Part #1:      
A Homeowner’s guide to Septic Systems. A 30 MINUTE Video explaining Septic systems, How they work, what they look like, what not to dump down the drain, early warning signs of failure, and more.
Part #2:      
A 30 Minute demo, showing how to view a septic system using an infrared viewing system and How to measure the sludge in  the tank and when should the tank be drained, Plus, the necessary information needed for a successful septic inspection.
SEMINAR #7:     30 Minutes
How to prepare your home to be sold, so you get the maximum possible dollars.  
SEMINAR #8:     30 Minutes
Home inspections, What is included and What should be Checked. 
SEMINAR #9:     15 Minutes
AAA Quality Home Inspections - Who we are and What we do.
SEMINAR #10:     20 Minutes

Having your home Pre-Inspected before it is listed for sale. What are the advantages and disadvantages?




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